Working at the intersection of mindfulness and social change

I offer consultancy support, training courses, retreats and resources that help individuals, groups and organisations do both the inner and outer work needed to create an equitable, sustainable and healthy world for us and future generations.

Community Mindfulness

Weekly drop-in mindfulness for beginners and experienced – building community across borders

Workplace mindfulness

Workplace courses for social enterprises, non-profits and NGOs – held online during Covid 19

Socially-engaged mindfulness

Immersive week long workshops, unconferences, events & talks on socially engaged mindfulness

“This (workplace) programme would be very beneficial to anybody…who wants to create “space” in their life to pause and breathe, but think they can’t, or don’t know how to; and/or want a safe platform where they can be themselves without judgment with colleagues.”

“it’s useful for your personal and work life… In particular during the challenging times we’ve been operating in (…COVID-19 lockdowns, friends and family who have been ill or at risk) now is a better time than ever”

Not everything that is faced can be changed but nothing can be changed until it is faced – James Baldwin

I co-organise the Mindfulness and Social Change Network which is a global community exploring the potential for secular mindfulness training and practice to contribute to more sustainable, caring and socially just societies. We explore how mindfulness connects with the following themes:

  • social and political change
  • equity, diversity and inclusion
  • sustainability
  • social change practice
  • organisations and communities

Contact me: paulasonrisasturmer at hotmail dot com