Community Mindfulness – Drop Ins

Hear how it was to do an 8 week MBSR course

Dates and times: These drop ins run every Tuesday at 8.15pm for 1hr 15mins.

Location: The sessions take place online using Zoom. 

Costs: The session cost varies depending on how many passes you buy. You can pay per session, for a 5 session block or a 10 session block at £8/£6/£5 equivalent per session.

What I cover: I have worked for ten years in the international development and humanitarian sector and for me, mindfulness is not just about considering our own happiness, well-being and resilience but also about how we relate to others, and how we live, act and shape the world. I offer a space for community mindfulness for people to learn mindfulness, meditate together and also to be part of a mindful community. Meeting each week, we explore practices around a range of themes:

  • Attention – strengthening our capacity to focus and sustain our attention and how attention gets hijacked
  • Embodiment – how to connect with the body and learn from it rather than staying in our heads
  • Understanding the lenses we see through – the assumptions, biases and perspectives and how to hold them less tightly 
  • What stress is – how it affects us, the physiology of stress and staying connected and resilient
  • Taking care of ourselves and avoiding burn out
  • Building mindfulness and empathy into communication 
  • Bringing mindfulness into our group spaces and cultures
  • Supporting each other through the significant challenges of our times

Format of the session: Typically, we check in first and welcome anyone new. I introduce a theme and we do a meditation and inquire into then theme collectively.  At the end, we do some gratitude practice. Sometimes, we have no teaching and we just practice together and share what is supporting our practice or what the barriers are.  

To enquire about attending these drop ins – contact me at

Occasionally, I run 8 week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction courses. There are no dates currently set for 2021. Check back here for updates.