Recorded Talks & Podcasts with Paula

Mindfulness for Social Change: This is a 50 min podcast with Mindful Cranks. I’m being interviewed by Ron Purser and David Forbes who coined the term ‘McMindfulness’.

Radical Well-being: I gave a 10 minute talk on ‘Radical Well-being’ at an event run by the Network of Wellbeing and Advaya Initiative.

Mindfulness articles by Paula & collaborators

For more on my work and views around the intersection of mindfulness and social change, read my most recent articles on Open Democracy’s ‘Transformation’ site:

Mindfulness and social change: Mindfulness isn’t a panacea, but it’s increasingly important in our work for transformation.
Don’t wait for the future of mindfulness – it’s already here: Mindfulness is a powerful resource for radical transformation and dismantling oppressive structures.

Guided meditations

Here are a range of guided meditations freely accessible to support your practice.

Body scan 15 mins

Body scan – 30 mins

Mindfulness of breathing – 10 mins

Sounds and thoughts – 15 mins

Sounds and thoughts meditation – 30 mins

Mindful movements – Stretching 15 mins

Turning towards difficulty – 20 mins

Recommended resources by others

Social mindfulness zine – Meg-John Barker (pdf)

The battle for our attention: the defining problem of our time? – Dan Nixon (article)

Spiritualize: revitalizing spirituality to address 21stCentury challenges – Jonathan Rowson (pdf)

A meta-critique of mindfulness critiques: from McMindfulness to Critical Mindfulness – Zack Walsh (pdf)

Modes of mindfulness: prophetic critique and integral emergence – David Forbes (pdf)

A political economy of attention, mindfulness and consumerism – Peter Doran (book)

Handbook of Mindfulness: Culture, Context, and Social Engagement – Ron Purser (ed) (book)

Co-designing economies in transition: radical approaches in dialogue with contemplative social sciences – Zack Walsh (ed) (book)

Ethical foundations of mindfulness – Stanley, Purser and Singh (eds) (book)